Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!

Why it is important for girls to get gifts on special days
To give a gift or not to give a gift?

Giving gift is a favorite subject of behavioral science, psychology, anthropology. Psychologists often say it is the giver rather than the recipient who often benefits physiologically more by having the satisfaction showing gratitude to a close one.So if it is a Special occasion it is wise to Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!

Why it is important for girls to get gifts on special days is surely a topic of research on this age of marketing . A 2005 survey showed-4 out of every 5 American consider gift giving culture to be a materialistic one.Many of them believe it is not worthy to endure all the traffic, advertising tricks and adverse effect of falling economy just to impress someone on a special occasion.However history says if it is a Special occasion,Uplift wife effortlessly with gift! it is a risk free technique.

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!
Research result by Centre of New American dream (year 2005)

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift! vs Missing out significant bond

Researcher says people who ignores gift giving custom are surely missing out a very significant bond with family and friends.

Once I found a consumer phychologist Margaret Rucker from University of California saying that men are more practical and price conscious than woman while it comes to gift giving ritual.

However another study (Georgian Institute for consumer research in 2015) in Valentine’s days gift giving ritual revealed Men spends more on gift for their love of life than women.

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!
Men feel better if they win in terms of giving a gift with more price

Also men feel better if they win in terms of giving a gift with more value (in terms of money).

I am quoting some other interesting fact of this study that clearly indicates the behavioral difference between man and woman, married and unmarried couples when it comes to the question of giving gift on valentines day-

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!
Mostly those who are married or in a committed relationship wants to spend for valentines day gift

One of my friends once told me that birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day are the days that  give him panic attacks rather than the AGM or monthly sales meetings. Later on I realized he was basically a sensitive enough person to be taken his spouse’s reaction or (over reaction) so importantly! Even if you care enough you can sometime feel like it is perfectly ok to skip giving your long time girlfriend or wife an anniversary gift .Some partners may accept it and verbally say-‘it is ok’. But deep down women are these sensitive and emotional creature who always seek for recognition from the people important in their life.

So not caring enough to bring her a gift in her special day out of-laziness, selfishness or carelessness is most of the time not forgivable. Such action may raise many questions in her mind-for example-

“He no longer loves me as much he used to be”.

“He has too much work pressure and I am not a priority anymore”.

Most dangerous-“He may have someone else in life that he puts forth me”.

None of these thought is healthy or helpful for your relationship. So before such thoughts make her feel hurt and her pain turns into anger be ready to spend some money and get your back covered. Who knows 50 bucks can eventually save you from a post anniversary showdown or serious mood swings.

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!
Source: Georgian Institute for consumer research -2015-Men vs women on choice of Valentines Day gift

Before moving any further-I am sharing another interesting study on the behavioral difference between men and women in terms of choosing a gift for the other half-

If you are wondering “What to get my wife in her birthday or anniversary”  than this chart may help you. Again here are some ingenious techniques that are easy to follow and unlikely to fail-

Wrap the gift

No matter how confused you are about the gift you got for her, a beautiful ribbon or an aesthetic wrapper will surely impress her and she will definitely give you a bow for wanting to put that much effort in it.If you are not so good at such craftiness than believe me you are in luck. Because most women can’t help feeling more in love to the idea of-“His effort were true but his helplessness did not let him to do it marvelously”

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!
wrapping the gift adds so much value

Cook for Her

If you are a good cook than it is not much of an effort for you. In your Wife’s birthday or your anniversary gift her with a self made dinner/lunch.If you are  a person who cannot  even lit a stove than she will be happy if you genuinely help her in the kitchen like a team.

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!
Cooking together is a priceless gift for her

You may end up doing not much and you may only be able to do the prep work for cooking, still the thought of your being in her team is a form of romantic solidarity that will truly make her feel going strong in her companionship with you. Home cooked meal is day by day being categorized as one the most romantic gesture. A survey in Australia revealed some of the facts summarized below

Perspective on home cooked meal Percentage
Nothing beats a romantic dinner 66%
Important for any romantic dinner 30%
Believing good food and drink is key to heart 59% men, 69% women
Nothing is more enjoyable than cooking favorite food for partner 68%  women, 62% men
Ability to listen to hear each other talk 43%
Less expensive than having dinner out 52%


Surprise at 12 

This is what my hubby does every year and I never feel a little less happy. No matter how repetitive it becomes it always fills me with joy. Being a cake lover, I also love the fact that he cares enough to buy me cake from my favorite bakers. With kids in the picture you can include them into making a greeting card or a craft gift for their mom too. This will definitely help you get some extra credit for something you put no effort on other than being the mastermind.


Dinner Date

This time of year you have to keep your bag ready for the treat that can make her feel special. Some women like expensive boutique hotels, some may opt for a open air dinner date.

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!
Dinner dates never fail to impress her

The man can get a hint or can guess from previous experiences which are his partner’s preference. One thing to keep in mind is arrange for a babysitter in advance, because sometime even the most loving mom wants some alone time with her hubby.


The effortless, priceless, timeless gift of all time is a bunch of rose. You can buy Lily or any other favorite flower of her.A study on Floral purchasing study conducted in 2005 ,among 25-55 year old people, revealed some valuable insights to this topic which proves flowers are infalliable gift for women.

Regarding the quality of the flower 93% importance is given the freshness and quality. So while buying flower freshness and quality must not be negotiated. Do not go for it only because it is cheap. Rather go for it because it is romantic. Partners are gifted with this sixth sense that can reveal your true intention to them in most unwanted moment.

Uplift wife effortlessly with gift!
What kind of gift one gives also signals how serious one’s partner is about the other half.

One of the absolute way of showing importance to our partner is giving a gift. What kind of gift one gives also signals how serious one’s partner is about the other half. A woman once told that she knew that her marriage was over when her husband gave her a sharp knife in a grocery bag as a gift.

By stopping to give gift to your partner people often misses out the warmth in a relationship. The biggest reward of giving a meaningful or lovely gift is to us. It gives us the filling of fulfilling out partner’s need. It reinforces our feelings for our other halves.So beware about the mood swing and uplift wife effortlessly with gift!

If women were rewarded with love everyday and reminded every other day that her existence is all that make her partner feel special and secure, than forgetting special days and not bringing gifts in occasions would have been of lesser importance. But it rarely happens. So it is never ok to not recognize her even on her special days.

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