Love working again

Love working again
1 out of 3 people lose interest in work

Those who are wondering-Why one need to fall in love with working again, don’t people already love there job?I have some perspective to share.Job the three letter word mostly led us through the sleepless nights before exam and the dreadful waiting period of JOB search. When we finally land to the field of unemployed pool we usually never wonder that a point of life may arrive when we could get bore with the job we used to aspire.This is the phase when one need to love working again.

However it happens to every 1 out of 3 employees. That surely does not mean that all of them quit. While some keep being miserable, some quit and start business or look for another job, some take action to feel better in existing job.

In 2013 Kelly Services’ a staffing agency in a global annual survey where 120,000 respondents participated said- that 48% of employees are unhappy in their current jobs, 1 percent up from 2012.

So if you are currently unhappy and find no way around to feel better than relax as it is only as common the other way round. However it does not mean that you always need to be in that 48% .To move to the greener side and to fall in love with working again, let us learn some strategy.

Make a conscious decision

If you are too miserable in your current job, do not believe that the culture of yours company if suitable for you and have no wish try hanging on it any further than no need to try motivational techniques. Than you belong to the not engaged worker group. It is time for you to think deeply if you are not engaged or actively disengaged.

Love working again
Identify which type of employee are you

Once you know your type you should dig the reason or reasons; behind it.If you are sure the reason is not you but the company than-Look for your perfect fit through your virtual networks in linkdin or other job sites. Review your CV and add your current skills trainings and start actively posting it to the firms you wish to fit in.

Look for your physical fitness

Work keep us busy officially 67% of time of a day so it naturally stress us out.Even after work some of us take the work load or work stress to home so it is quite essential to distress.

Love working again
Is your physical fitness being the reason behind your disengagement

It depends on you how you can keep your physical fitness.

Take your supervisor’s help

‘You do not leave a job, You leave a boss.’

According to Saratoga Research report 68% people leave their job because of their bosses.

Love working again
Saratoga Research Report on a sample size 2000 employee,

There are some mind readers who can read their subordinates attitude and do something about changing it. But many times it does not happen. If you cannot find a reason to be able to love your job again try to find out if this is for your supervisor.

Is he not trying to help you feel valuable? Do you think he does not support you in public? Do you feel he pressurize you? There can be a long list of question, think in every possible way about his support. List the grey areas that need more information or observation to be answered. Talk to him or a well wisher about the stuff going in your mind. Tell your boss how he can help you feel more engaged and valuable. It may be his appreciation or his cooperation whatever you need be honest with him. Every smart supervisor value his subordinate, so higher chances exist that he will actually help you out.

Take initiative or participation

There are many off the take desk programs in a company which indirectly tries to make employee employer bonding stronger. Happy hours, special events after office, product launching ceremony or success party etc. Try taking part in all of these offerings.

Love working again
Take initiative or participation

This activities will lift your boredom give you encouragement, if not so at least add more value to your skill list and let you be in more social relation with the colleagues from other departments with whom you do not need to hang out for job purpose on regular basis.

Moreover all this effort which meant only to make you feel better and stay focused may help you look more promising and inquisitive in eye of management, rather than those who do not participate in anything and have a skeptical view about everything.

Take advantage of the free capacity building workshops

Some companies ask employees to find their weak points and let HR know about it so that they can enroll into a course or training. Such initiatives are golden opportunities for learning something new or becoming more efficient in something old.

Love working again
Take advantage of the free capacity building workshops

So grab them whether you like you job or not grab all the advantages it offers. A part feeling more valuable and confident these training ,webinar or seminar may even open up opportunities to be friend with people of your interest and enrich your network. 

Take a new role to love working again

When you started your job we were quite fresh, at least to the firm so you happened to pay more attention to every detail, whether it is how other colleagues greeted on earlier days or how the delivery man could not identify you without someone’s help.

Love working agai
Take a new role

You used to find humor in many of these new thing and earlier fears of the “new office” gradually took off, however after some years none of these are paid any more attention to. Most of us do not bother to notice these small events which are more of a part of a getting along process. You have got to familiar with your role and its drawbacks. Whenever a new task arrives you either try to avoid it or view it skeptically as if it is a threat. If you are interested to give your job a try it can be helpful to take a new role or an additional pet project with another department. Initially it may raise your work load but it will let you step into that chair of beginners mind once again. You will be in touch with people of other department. You will view and be able to analytically think about another process apart from yours and finally you will enjoy playing another role for a change.

Love working again
before leaving the job it is only fair to be more insightful about your situation

These very simple techniques of how to love working again are worth trying right before you make the hard choice of leaving or switching job. Remember every job has plus and minus. There is no guarantee that your next job will not lead you to the same dissatisfaction in a few years. It does not mean that one should continue something which has no future growth opportunities but before leaving the job it is only fair to be more insightful about your situation.