Strategies to convince people

Strategies to convince people
Today management has to communicate to the employees in a convincing way so that employer can validate his requirement.

Gone are the days when an employer could get his recruits to do as the wanted, through direct order and indirect coercion. Today management has to communicate to the employees in a convincing way so that employer can validate his requirement. In our day to day life we often feel the urge to make other understand our point of view and do as we wish. We rarely like to talk to a person whose point of view significantly differs from ours. These all are example of our need to pursue other. The science of persuasion and adaptation has a lot to do with psychology. If one can identifies what makes the other person to alter or to move from his position than 60% of Strategies to convince people is acquired.

Here I shall be discussing how to convince other in context of psychology and in terms of popularly identified persuasion techniques.

  1. Some proven attitude change approaches
  • Analogy and examples work as very useful convincing techniques
  • An attractive well dressed speaker can convince better
  • Calm and confident approach helps big time
  • It is suggested to look into eye to engage the person
  • While giving a messages, be careful that it does not look like it is trying to pursue someone.

  • Research says showing a neutral approach helps
  • Never feel or show doubt on own opinion for a blink of eye
  • Show respect even when other person is illogical and invincible
  • Presenting arguments from both sides while refuting wrong side.
  • When only two people are to present with no time of interval, than the first person gets more point to convince.
  • When only two people are to present with a reasonable interval than the last person gets more power to convince
  • Audience aging 18-25 are easier to convince
  • Lower intelligence and low to moderate self esteem in audience, can go in favor of the speaker
  • Neutral words and words that do not stress on the sentence are more persuasive.
  1. Use picture

The adage of ‘A picture is worth thousand words’ is very applicable in this context. A few important findings about picture as a method to convince people are stated below

Strategies to convince people
picture is worth thousand words in dragging attention
  • If a picture of a celebrity is given while publishing the statement that he/she has died;than it gets more credibility, however same news without picture is mostly either overlooked or not taken seriously- Found in a research by Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.
  • Relevant pictures are best to be used as a convincing technique, yet totally irrelevant picture can also drag attention more than news without any picture.
  1. Use uncertainty- 

Showing certainty and using definitive words, while trying to pursue someone does not work as good as showing a little bit uncertainty does. Research from Clarkson, Tbormala and Rucker shows that Emotional attack bring resilience whilst cognitive attacks softens the defense. It is also termed as Hypothesis. Specially when it’s a matter of

Strategies to convince people
convincing an emotional person than using neutral and uncertain attitude works most
  1. Give an inch and gain a mile

Agreeing on a smaller issue with the person one wants to convince puts him in the mutually assertive position. Other person feels more common with the speaker. This helps him to feel winning and less pressurized. He will open up about speaker’s issue and further positive and logical discussion will lead to speaker’s favor.

Strategies to convince people
Agreeing on a smaller issue to gain a bigger thing is a good bargain technique
  1. Information Manipulation Theory

By deceiving, telling untruth or partial truth, confusing the listener one can sometime convince people or slightly changing the subject on which presentation is suppose to be made one can attain other person’s confidence and pursue him.

Strategies to convince people
By deceiving, telling untruth or partial truth, confusing the listener one can sometime convince people

This age old technique of persuasion is known as Information manipulation theory. This theory involves convincing a person or group by knowingly breaking one of these four untold rule of conversation-

  • Quantity: The Information provided is complete
  • Quality: The Information provided is ingenuous and accurate.
  • Relation: The Information provided is relevant to the conversation.
  • Manner: The Information provided is easily understandable, body language, tone of the speaker everything are in sync with the belief that the information is pure and unquestionable.
  1. Scarcity Principle

This technique is most in use in marketing. When shops gives advertisement on limited edition (scarcity of quantity) , clearance sale for a short time (scarcity of time) then they create this need among people to have something before it is sold and becomes unavailable for good.

Strategies to convince people
Scarcity principle works when one believe resource is scarce and he need to own it before it socks out

This is called scarcity principle; the urge to have something one believes is scarce in nature. One wants to spare himself from the regret of not having it so he owns it ,sometimes without thinking if he really needs it.

  1. When minority revolt

In a team, sometimes minority may have a different opinion. If the minority is certain of the opinion and show four major attributes that is required to establish their argument than majority will subdue. It so happen as many members in majority group are mostly delusional or just support the majority as a trend, without really believing the vision..In such scenario when a minority rises with a

  • Consistent opinion
  • Confidence in presenting different views and confidence on correctness of the value
  • A neutral approach while presenting ideas
  • The strength or resisting attitude when being rejected or confronted by the majority.
Strategies to convince people
If the minority is certain of the opinion and show four major attributes -confidence,consistency,neutral approach,strength than majority will subdue.

If these approaches are confirmed in presenting a minority belief than conversion of whole group’s approach is likely.The other name of this approach is conversion theory.

  1. Social Influence

We are mostly influenced by the supremacy of the person who is trying to convince. If we see the person or company as a trustworthy source than we believe them easily and get persuade. So while trying to convince someone, if we present some data from a reliable/authoratitive source than chance of convincing raises.

Strategies to convince people
We are often convinced by the person who has more social acceptance,peers in the society have more convincing power onto us


  1. Sleeper Effect

A persuasive message will become less persuasive with time; however sometimes under right circumstances a message from low credible source will become very persuasive. And absentmindedly we will value the message more forgetting the quality of the source.

Strategies to convince people
A persuasive message from an unreliable source can get more importance and credibility under right circumstances.

For an example a sleazy car salesman told me about 3 cars and said buying anyone is a wise decision. I come back to office and see my boss bought one of those models and says it is good. I assume other models are good as well and forget the impurity about the source of primary information. Being persuaded I go for one of the other cars among three model, and in future find that it was not as good as the boss’s.

Bottom line of the story is if we want to pursue someone to do something we can compare it with something he has value or faith in. Later he may fall for doing what I asked forgetting about my influence and remembering his good experience of the other thing I compared it to.

Persuasion is a tricky business. Using only this skill can sometime change a person’s life. Mindfully or mindlessly we more or less use this tricks in everyday life. So knowing the science of persuasion will only open more alleys for us. Knowing the essential strategies to convince people  will increase chances of winning a negotiation and getting things done in our way.