Keep satisfaction checked in marriage

Satisfaction is the feeling of a need being fulfilled. The need, which need not be always be physical.In fact in everyday’s married life the need of being emotionally cared and understood is more subtle yet prevalent.Their are many ways to Keep satisfaction checked in marriage .


Keep satisfaction checked in marriage

But when life becomes a routine very often we forget to nurture the relationship.It may sometime make us feel taken for granted or going weak in our marriage.Question is-are we satisfying our spouse enough that we may also feel acknowledged at the end of the day?


Truly marriage becomes a companionship when each other care enough to share the smallest detail of the event that he/she finds interesting in everyday’s events.The other half at listening end thus get to know about his spouse more and admire more for her unique way of perceiving the things.


Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Sharing connect each other creates posetivity

If couple lift each other out of dejection through sharing,it helps both to find an emotional and physical comfort.


Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Source-This National Survey on the strengths of marriage versus the exclusive focus on problems. Using a sample of 21,501 married couples in 1999


Recognizing your partner’s efforts to make your life better can make him the happiest of all.It gives him a reason to do more and feel more satisfied.The truth about couple is though they may not know but one’s mere presence can uplift the other one’s  mood.Knowing it and actively letting your spouse understand that how much his presence matters to your life can be a great way to increase satisfaction in your married life.

Doing greater good

Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Charity work done by couple does greater good to marriage

Doing something worthwhile adds positive impact in anyone’s life,which is hard to describe. When two person together does something great and selflessly for someone beyond themselves,their bonding not only becomes greater but also they take their relationship to a new level where they share the supremacy of being good to people.

Take responsibility for the mistakes

Knowing own fault in a situation and acknowledging it is not easy. If someone has the guts to take responsibility of his own mistakes, than not only he saves the situation from worsening but also creates a positive image on spouse’s mind.Perhaps a survey on conflict resolution will reveal the issues of not taking responsibility or not being flexible in argument settlement.


Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Source-This National Survey on the strengths of marriage versus the exclusive focus on problems. in 1999

Keep promise

We often underestimate the power of keeping words. Only when someone breaks promise we realize the damage it creates in our relationships.

Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Keep promise

If you do not honor your words whether its about a big or a small thing than it results a vacuum in your relationship which was once filled with trust. He may no longer believe in your commitments.

Balance and share

Try swiping responsibilities with your partner. If it is about picking a kid from school, doing household chore or entertaining a guest at an odd hour do not hesitate to offer you turn to do the needful.

Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
This National Survey on the strengths of marriage versus the exclusive focus on problems in 1999

Once both get to know about the difficulty of each other’s work load than complains and frustration of doing the unwanted things all by himself evaporates. If someone in a relationship stays at home than he/she should be given equal access to income of the family so that no inferiority complexes piles up.

Encourage each other to learn

If you can open an alley for your partner to learn and grow than it will be such a selfless but beneficial act for your partner that he will love you more for it.If such a thing is not possible you can still encourage your spouse to learn grow, take care of herself. People who grow ,love themselves and love other around them.

Savor the silence

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is silence .It is merely not wise to retort back every time.

Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Savor silence cause retorting is not always a solution.

Know that some insults are unintended, some unkind words are result of stress or tiredness .Walking away from such situation will save energy and bitterness to a great extent. Even he will respect you more for not reacting and having patience, which will eventually increase satisfaction.

Support him at his best

Every person has different interest and his area of expertise on which he takes maximum pride and pleasure doing. Like my hubby is a good shopper. I encourage him shop for himself as much as he like, I encourage him to shop for kids too.

Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Encourage him at his interest it does strengthen your marriage (but not in so extreme limit as this picture)

This not only makes his days more fun but also Same thing goes with planning,he love to plan in details for trips.So when he does the booking and searching stuffs I try packing and other stuffs.This saves time and let the fun start for him,even before the trip starts.

Give it More

Don’t let giving become a score of which you keep a count of. The more you give occasionally or without any occasion the more number of times you say-I love you.

Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Tell him/her about your feelings more often

And the number of telling him that you care can only keep him satisfied, grateful and happier in marriage.

Knowing his weakness and helping out

Some people are not good with numbers, while some are poor at communicating. While one may take pride his performing the task of his area of interest than same time he may try to avoid his weak points. So knowing at which thing your spouse have difficulty and helping him in those areas will only strengthen your relation and increase satisfaction.

Let there be some space

Marriage is our first and primary priority. However we have friends and relatives who happen to like spending time with us and so do we. If both the spouse foster other relationship carefully and take some time off from own territory for having some fun time or playing duties to parents or anyone he/she feels obliged to than the other half should not be cynical or insecure. If this much space is ensured between couples than both of them feel refreshed and more keen to meet the better.

Keep satisfaction checked in marriage
Source-This National Survey on the strengths of marriage versus the exclusive focus on problems. 

All marriages have to experience through rough patches. But it should not linger more than necessary time. Small talks, some sacrifices, some thought full silence, some forgiveness and a lot of expression of love; that is all we need to Keep satisfaction checked in marriage; and the butterflies inside stomachs to fly much long after the honeymoon period ends.