Brilliant ways to show confidence – How to appear more confident when you are not so confident

Psychologist says Brilliant ways to show confidence is through right body language.Some body languages are directly related to show confidence while other shows nervousness.

They say ‘fake it till you have it none can tell the difference’.
I must agree that I have faked confidence several times in my life. When I was on a stage presenting a case for the first time (and many more times later on). During job interviews, Before entering IT to deliver my baby. Showing confidence is something I treated as a sign of strength.We are all strong to some extent but then there comes the moment of weakness too,which very often we want to reveal. If you feel the same than you may like to remember these brilliant ways to show confidence in future.

Brilliant ways to show confidenceKeeping eye contact means you are paying attention and you are not nervous Taking eye off now and then or not maintaining eye contact reveals you are thinking in mind and trying to avoid the person or being intimidated by him to some extent.

Smile :

Confidence is shown in a natural smile. While making a conversation do smile often. Those who are not confident smile seldom in a conversation or never smile at all.

brilliant way to show confidence is to smile
a powerful way to show confidence is to smile



posture brilliant ways to show confidence when you are not so confident

A straight posture is sign of confidence. If you are a sloucher in general try maintaining straight posture during important conversation, practice it at home and try maintaining it always. Slouching is viewed negatively when it comes to the question of a confident body language.


A confident person never vibrates legs. he sits he may sit in a comfortable and easy manner but not so comfortable signaling that he is sleep deprived and going to get a nap. A sign of fidgeting. Any uncontrolled movement of body part like leg, hands even too many blinks are sign of nervousness or stress.

Standing up straight

Brilliant ways to show confidence through non verbal ways
How you stand says a lot about you

A very important sign of confidence. In front of mirror you can practice with your shoulder a little thrown back and the difference will be visible to you. Many genius and power people may not stand up so straight. Slouching is a common bad habit, however standing up straight shows you are not afraid. So there is no harm in practicing it, it is even good for your back bone.


handshake a brilliant way to show confidence when not so confident
handshake a brilliant way to show confidence

A shaky approach and a numb hand during a loose gripped handshake will cry out loud about your nervousness more than you can imagine. So do not be so vulnerable and do shake hand when meeting someone to whom you want to make an appeal. Even if you do not feel the need. A firm handshake shows-eagerness and confidence. Remember not to hold for too long or too tight.


When we describe someone or have to identify someone from behind we focus on how they walk.You must have hear phrases about people like-“That man who creeps” or “a man hastle by”.We unknowingly judge people by their moves and it is quite logical.A person with nothing to do walk differently than a man with having an important interview in 15 minutes.

So Walk is an important feature. Take large steps. It signifies you know where you are heading and shows that you are fast and active, all are associated to more confidence

Think before speaking:

Well it is more of a habit and requires practice, however if you are nervous you may not be able to think clearly before speaking.

think before speak brilliant ways to show confidence
Confidence is reflected in the words coming out of your mouth

If your thinking ability has not fully collapsed due to nervousness than try to think about the words coming out of your mouth. We can sometime act funny or sound meaningless when speak in nervousness. If it is a pre planned meeting you can think ahead of some topics for conversation. This tactics will make situation easy and help you to feel more confident as conversation progress.

Dress for success:

If you believe you are looking presentable and smart than 50 % job is done.Appearance is a very big turner in any situation. If it is a pre planned meeting or interview it is wise to be careful about what you wear and how comfortably you can carry it.

Abrilliant way to appear confident is to look presentable
Appearance is a very big turner in any situation

We all know what formal dressing means,sometimes one may need to look presentable and appealing however dress should not speak more than you.

There is nothing wrong in being confused or not always confident.However in the world we live we very frequently need to make an impression by showing our confidence.It can be a dream job interview, a parents teacher meeting or meeting the father of the girl you are going to marry. Definitely you do not want to lose the chance to create the impression!So you can try these simple techniques and can see the impact.