Less sleep=more weight gain

Less sleep=more weight gain
Did you get a good sleep last night??

I grew up watching my super active granny sleeping really less. She slept after everyone, and woke up before all. She had very sensitive sleep schedule. Whenever someone was up at night for a visit to toilet or for a glass of water, light in her room would lit. I remember that one day she told me with a victory smile in her face that-she chose less sleep over more because she is an active person and does not want to get too fat and lazy by sleeping.This age old concept of less sleep =less weight gains is now no longer in trend.National sleep foundation says- less sleep=more weight gain

How much sleep is standard

less sleep=more weight gain
How much sleep is required

National Sleep Foundation has recommended this pattern of sleep for different ages-

Age Group Duration of sleep required every day
Adult 7–9 hours
Newborns 10.5-18 hours
Toddler 12-14 hours

The organization also claims that other than weight gain less sleep causes  over eating, less physical fitness and reduced physical activity.

Less sleep=More eating for adults and kids

less sleep=more weight gain
Late night eating is a byproduct of insomnia or less sleeping pattern

A study designed to prove acute or partial sleep deprivation increases plasma concentrations of ghrelin( a hunger hormone ) and decreases of leptin (a hormone promoting the feeling of feeling full) reveals that less sleep actually contributes to more weight gain. The study description and results are as follows-

12 men age- 22 ± 3 y and body mass index (in kg/m2): 22.30 ± 1.83, completed a 2 condition crossover study.1st night some slept 8 hour some slept 4 hour. They were given same breakfast menu, a free buffet for lunch, free menu in dinner. Their physical activity was recorded by actimeter. This machine recorded their hunger, pleasantness and desire of food, sleepiness etc. resut was-]

Perimeters 8-h sleep session vs 4-h sleep session
Consumed calorie ± 617 kcal (ie, 22%) more for 4-h sleep session, equivalent to a big mac burger.
Pre-prandial hunger For 4-h sleep session

P < 0.001 before breakfast

P < 0.05 before dinner

Physical activity 1215 to 2015 higher for 8-h sleep session
Pleasantness from eating and desire of food No change

These experimental results when rechecked by long-term energy balance measurements, suggest that sleep restriction is a factor promoting obesity in long term. An article published in International Journal of Obesity, shows that children aging 16 month-old who slept for less than 10 hours every day consumed 105kcal more per day on average than children who slept for more than 13 hours.

Less Sleep=Poor choices of food

Did you ever go for a sleep over at a friend’s place? Have you or your friends stored and ate junk food for the night? Did you eat more after dinner than in dinner, during the sleepover? I guess you have nodded in affirmation for all the queries. It is simply rational that when we are awake for a longer time we get hungry and eat more; especially we eat more junk food. But scientists went for a more systematic approach and proved the fact.

less sleep=more weight gain
Poor choice of food

Sleep deprivation affects insulin levels and other key hormones of our body as proved from many studies. This imbalance disrupt  body weight regulation. Dr. Abi Fisher of the Health Behavior Research Center at University College of London, says -it is proved that sleep deprivation causes both adult and children to eat more. As parent watch over the diet of children, they cannot eat much unhealthy food under supervision however scenario may change as soon as they turn out to be grownups.

Less sleep=more weight gain
it is proved that adonosine (a messenger in brain) makes human disregard the bad effect of food choices and  opt for them

Through studies scientists found that adenosine a messenger that plays important role in many physiological processes exists more than requirement in the brain of a sleep deprived person. Apart from many malfunction like mood swing, stress this purinergic messenger is also believed to play a role in disregarding the bad effect of food choices and opt for them.As a result, Less sleep=more weight gain.

Less sleep=more weight gain
body after too little sleep

This is why mostly sleep deprived people (who also tends to show more hunger) rely on any food they find available. They opt for tasty foods like chocolate, desserts, and potato chips which also happen to be carrying more calories.

less sleep=more weight gain
sleep deprived people eat 600 calories more those who are not sleep deprived

Many will argue with the fact that less sleep increases metabolism.Actually metabolism slows down when you are sleep deprived. The relation between sleep and weight gain is U shaped too little or too much sleep where causes metabolism to slow down,a balanced level causes metabolism to get faster.

Less sleep=more weight gain
U shaped relation between sleep and weight gain

Scientists found that partial sleep deprivers eat on an average 600 more calories than those who has no sleep deprivation. So let us not fancy the idea of depriving ourselves of sleep for the sake of reducing weight, because surely it is true the other way round.

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
Donation can make you physically healthy

Doing charity work giving, donation is supposed to do well to others. One can also assume that such action is also rejuvenating for one’s mental health as it actually put the giver in a superior position and give him ‘self actualization’ vibes. But did we know donation, charity work even a simple act of supporting your spouse or relatives have impact on the live span of yours! Unbelievable yet research suggests Donating and Volunteering for healthier life is a very good health scheme.

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
survey report of United Health Group on positive effect of Volunteering

 This is a survey report of United Health Group, conducted by Harris Interactive on 3,351 adults in 2013.

  1. Donation increases life span-

In a study of University of California, Berkeley it was revealed that elderly people who volunteers for charity work in one or two organization are 44% more likely to live 5 year more than the non volunteers

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
Elderly volunteers are 44% more likely to live 5 year more than the non volunteers

It showed that volunteering and charity work even beats controlling for age , exercise habit, general health and controlling  of poisonous habits like smoking in rate of positivity.

In a 2003 study on similar topic also supported the same story. It revealed elderly couples showing empathy offering real help to friends, relatives or even emotional support to spouses had a higher life expectancy.

However those at the receiving end did not have the same life expectancy.

  1. Donation makes people happier than buying goods for them selves

A study in Harvard Business School in 2008 revealed that giving money to other actually gave participants more pleasure than spending it on themselves.

It was found that an act of charity activates portion of our brain that are related to pleasure, social connection, faith or trust.

Charity work or donation releases “endorphins” in brain that produces positive feelings.

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
It was found that an act of charity activates portion of our brain that are related to pleasure
  1. Remove stress

Charity and donation helps people to feel better by relieving stress of everyday life.

A study in 2006 by Rachel Piferi and Kathlen Lawler revealed the fact that people who gave social support to others had lower blood pressure than other who did not provide such charity or support. Also 78% of United Health group studies revealed that volunteers can sense a decrease in their stress level through helping other.

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
volunteers can sense a decrease in their stress level

. They can connect with the people they extend help to and feel more needed and more important.


  1. Donation or Charity improves social connection

When someone offers help he not only feels like a better human being he also creates a positive portrait of himself in other’s mind. Everybody like a selfless person and want to help him in return at some other time.


Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
When someone offers help he creates a positive portrait of himself in other’s mind

The exchange of charity will encourage a sense of trust and gratitude, this will lead to a long term bonding and greater good for both end. Good feeling and such positivity eventually results better mental and physical health, shown in many sociologist’s studies.


  1. Donation can be as much pleasures as sex as contagious as virus!

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life is not limited to make one feel only healthier.It can make ones libido satisfied too.Giving donation or doing charity gives as much pleasure as much sex can-

It has been found that donation and charity work releases oxytocin. Oxitocin is the hormone that is also released during sex and breast feeding. Moreover if someone is given oxytocin as a dose, he is likely to feel more generous and giving for at least next two hour. Such people with high level of oxytocin can eventually start a virtuous circle where someone’s generosity influences other to be generous as well. These networks can actually be contagious and make more and more people encouraged to give more, donate more and be more generous.

  1. Giving can make you do more exercise –

Yes you read it right. Giving enduce a sense of gratitude in life. It is out of gratitude we want to give someone something; also the receiver feels gratitude as he is benefited by our any form of giving. Gratitude has been proved to be a part and parcel in happiness, social bond and in case of health too.

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
Giving makes one feel thankful for life,When one feel so thankful he is encouraged to live longer and healthier life,hence it revokes him do exercise. -A study of Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough

who ran Gratitude and Thankfulness found that  while they taught collage students about counting their blessing those students felt thankful for the things they have in other words they felt gratitude. Which encouraged them to live a healthier life love themselves, feeling more optimistic and doing regular exercise,revealed from A study of Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough. So giving has the power not to only strengthening the power of social connection but it evokes gratitude which leads to a better life in every way.

  1. Donation and volunteering for better working skill

The population that took part in United Health Group’s Volunteering is good for health campaign, mostly agreed on the fact that they took volunteering to improve their health. As they feel healthier, less stressed and more engaged they can concentrate on work more According to them volunteering improved their working and people skill too.

Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
Donation makes one feel healthier,less stressed and more focused into work.
  1. Giving let people have better personal score

People who engage themselves in selfless activities like giving donation and volunteering are researched to have better personal scores than people who do not engage into such act, on nine well-established measures of emotional well being. It includes personal independence, ability to develop good interpersonal relationships and satisfaction with life. Giving and acts like volunteering let people feel good emotionally, physically and mentally.


Donating and Volunteering for healthier life
People who engage themselves in selfless activities like giving donation and volunteering are researched to have better personal scores

Traditionally good health was presumed to be a set numbers derived from heart beat, cholesterol, blood count etc but these perimeters more fully depends on emotional states, mental state, and quality of life. By giving and volunteering one can find the purpose and the meaning of life. In every state he feels more powerful and handful. A fulfilled person takes joy in small things of living and can reach to the state of self actualization. So Donating and Volunteering for healthier life is a noble health trick where every one lands to a win win situation.

A powerful video that encourage us to give more often.