Be more successful in job

Be more successful in jobWe are almost out of the post recession trauma, losing jobs and tight job market is no longer our scariest nightmare. Still there many millenials and late boomers feel like company is not valuing them. Or feel the need to do more for attaining the skills to be more successful in job, for the sake of a better career growth or promotion.

Be more successful in job
Reasons US employee finding it hard to apply for job

For them I have news- latest talent shortage survey result says other than a real shortage of technical know how one of the top 5 biggest problem employers face is- not finding enough employee with the soft skill they seek.

Report says- lack of professionalism as 5%, Lack of flexibility as 3%, Lack of enthusiasm/motivation/learning mindset to be 2% as 9th,10th and 11th top reasons of employers to not find the right person.

Almost same reasons are responsible for employees to not able to achieve their deserve success in a job. Skills that many of us never considered to be important enough can cause big difference on how employer views an employee’s performance.

Be there

To be able to be more successful in job you may never have considered the importance of showing up. When we graduate or write resume or think about self improvement tips-we seldom think about not loving the work enough to show up every day.

Be more successful in job
Those who loose interest in his job often find excuse to skip it

But this happens to lot of people. Absenteeism is a  habit of missing work, seldom for no good reason. Timeware’s absenteeism, productivity and bottom line study of 2015 shows various causes behind people being absent from work. Though sickness is the main reason; other reasons all together makes a larger percentage.

Be more successful in job
Causes of absenteeism

Many of these reasons has less to do with ‘work or problem’ and more to do with ‘balance and managing personal life’. An employer can have a range of ‘Solutions’ to address absenteeism, however if you are a promotion seeking employee than you do not want to be in the list which employers term as ‘Problems’.

Be more

Giving more and doing better can always help you to get noticed and be in good book. If you have the compatibility to perform better than what is expected from you than use it. Exceeding expectation surely helps in climbing stairs of career. If you think you cannot give more, than learn to give more. Be more agile, be more cooperative in team works, learn about your product/client more intensely, take interest in other segments of the firm.

Be more successful in job
Exceeding expectation surely helps in climbing stairs of career

Find your weakness like-it can be poor negotiation skill, lack of confidence on presentation or of lack of technical skill. It can be anything. Find it and find a solution to address the problem. You can join a course; take meditation to relieve stress or whatever the solution you can find proper to fulfill your deficiency to perform more.

Be positive

Be more successful in job
Be positive, be in charge of your problems

Being negative has never helped anyone in getting a better result. So if you have a problem be positive think constructively how to overcome it. Complaining about work, boss is surely an annoying sign plus it effect adversely to your ability to perform so do not be that annoying colleague, be in charge of your problems.

Make yourself indispensable

This is not easy. None is indispensable, but when you work for a company for a long time, do things as they are required to do or find solution in a way other cannot find you actually become a useful part of a firm.

Be more successful in job
In job none is indispensable yet corporations value meticulous and smart employees

If you can own the attitude that your work is one of the loves of your life, the actions I mentioned above are easier to demonstrate.Most of the time it is passion for work that led us to marvelous performance and make us worthy to the corporation.

An important notation to ‘Be more successful in job’-not getting involved into unnecessary power struggle

It is more of an ethics and easiest to maintain. Why call a meeting at a time you know is inconvenient for many of the team mates to attend, if you have another option? Why ask for an advantage you know is too much for the boss to accept? Why get into a conversation that does not involve you or your team and get hot headed arguing? Avoid such controversial move.

Be more successful in job
Unnecessary power struggles can  distract you and get you involved into unwanted situation

Try being The Smart and Nice one ,do not stick nose to everything comes in way, it may lead to bigger issues than you can assume.

Career growth is surely depended on many other things like power plays of master minds, company policy, and financial condition of the company. However the qualities mentioned above will help you to own you career anywhere. So if you are not getting result even trying these traits no need to worry know that the problem is not in you.

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