The word EI or Emotional Intelligence is no longer an unusual phrase. Today EI boosting toys are being showcased in toy stores. Tv Series and short films are promoting the topic. Cartoon stripes like Dilbert and Zippy the Pinhead also show quotes on EI.

The concept of emotional intelligence has evolved through years. From being termed as ‘Social Intelligence” during its inception to Emotional Strength” during 20th century to “Emotional Intelligence” in today’s world. With name the concept has also developed and researcher has added many new features to it. Today EI is given as much priority, if not more as IQ.

Rather than the concept of it, we are more interested in it’s application in everyday life. How this topic helps us to not lose in the complicated jungle of emotions and relations.

How it guides us between slightly similar ways that leads us to completely distinct destinations; in case of our relationship goals or work related goals.

The topic has been embraced even by the educators most in form of social and emotional learning or SEL.

Today 10 school in every 1000 offers SEL as a course. Some states in United States of America are considering to make SEL a mandatory course and would require it to be as essential as English and Math.People are increasingly considering EI as one of the most important trait to survive successfully in work, at society,as a parent ,as a sibling or as a spouse.

In Illinois emotional intelligence has been made a part of education from elementary level to high school. At initial years kids are being educated to label their emotions. Whereas at later years of school students are encouraged to listen and talk in a way that resolve matters in a way that is win win for all and not escalating in any way. They learn to identify nonverbal clues to understand other people’s feelings. The more successful one become in identifying them easier it becomes for them to react in a way that helps someone to win a negotiation.

In 2002, UNESCO started a program to initiate implementation of 10 principals of SEL in ministries of education of 140 countries, So what emotional intelligence really is and why is this fuss for! I once heard a philosophy -It is hard to like someone wholeheartedly, because none is as good as we expect, even we are not as good as we expect us to be always.

Yes we all have our moments of shame. Some of us are haunted by them, regretting that it was mostly contributed to our dysfunctional behavior. That is called lack of self management. If some of us cannot find our fault though all can see it, it might be our lack of self awareness.

Even the most driven person can sometimes feel a little bit left behind and not motivated enough to follow through. Who has not ever feel the need to be rescued from an argument or guidance to lead a team, negotiate own demands with the management! May be most of us have, if not all.

Such social skill, self motivation, self awareness, self management and empathy cannot be absorbed by reading a book. But definitely a little practice cannot hurt. Emotional intelligence is a combination of self awareness, self management, motivation and empathy.

If we could all get through with the difficult situations or life by being more positive and calculative, than world could have been a better place to reside. So here we are trying it for us and sharing it for those who may find it helpful.